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 世界で最もエントリー数が集まるSony Word Photography Awards。2014年度にはなんと総作品数は約14万に達した。その中から今回頂点を目指し集結し、Youth,Open及びNationalアワードの最優秀作品(Winner)が決定した。どの作品も甲乙付け難い良作ばかりとなっているので、下紹介したい。

Winners In Open Category

63-1Enhanced category: “Rescue Operation” by Kylli Sparre, Estonia
63-2Smile category: “Muddy smile” by Alpay Erdem, Turkey
63-3Panoramic category: “Starry Lighthouse” by Ivan Pedretti, Italy
63-4Architecture category: “Under the staircase” by Holger Schmidtke, Germany
63-5Nature & Wildlife category: “The cold pony” by Gert van den Bosch, Netherlands
63-6Split Second category: Untitled by Hairul Azizi Harun, Malaysia
63-7People category: “Poor god” by Arup Ghosh, India
63-8Arts & Culture category: “Rodeo” by Valerie Prudon, France

Winners In Youth Category

63-9Portraits category: Untitled by Paulina Metzscher, Germany
63-10Environment category: “Life and Line” by Turjoy Chowdhury, Bangladesh
<63-11Culture category: Anastasia Zhetvina, Russia

Winners In National Category

63-12Hong Kong National Award:  ”Jump of Life” by Cheung Lai San, Hong Kong, 1st place
63-13Singapore National Award: “What are you staring at !?” by Chin Boon Leng, Singapore, 1st place
63-14Honk Kong National Award: “Fire Dragon” by Chi Hung Cheung, 2nd Place
63-15Nordics National Award: “Exit” by Michael Nordqvist, Sweden, 1st Place
63-16Thailand National Award: “Children Day” by Suthas Rungsirisilp, Thailand, 1st Place
63-17Indonesia National Award: “Not Superman” by Irwansyah, Indonesia, 1st place
63-18Vietnam National Award: “Tin Oven Builders” by Minh Ngo Thanh, Vietnam, 3rd Place
63-19Peru National Award: “Smiles in the Cemetery” by Milko Torres Ramirez, Peru, 1st place
63-20China National Award: Untitled by Minwei Yan, China, 3rd Place
63-21Nordics National Award: “Lightning” by Lise Sundberg, 3rd place
63-22South Korea National Award: “Ripples in the calm lake” Dowon Choi, Korea, 1st place
63-23United Kingdom National Award: “The Calm Before the Storm” by Sean Batten, United Kingdom, 1st Place
63-24Poland National Award: “The inhabitant of Szack of Ukraine and her horse” by Mateusz Baj, Poland, 1st place
63-25China National Award: “Horse fighting in Rongshui, Guangxi” by Ngai-bun Wong, China, 2nd Place
63-26Australia National Award: “Going Home” by Neville Jones, Australia, 1st Place

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